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Wilmington Park Elementary

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Welcome to Wilmington Park

    We at Wilmington Park Elementary School welcome you and your family to our school. We continue our commitment to making this school year a successful experience for every student.  We firmly believe that a home/school partnership and teamwork is necessary for the success of all of our students.  Learning is not an easy process! It involves sharing ideas, making mistakes, and attempting new experiences.  Learning involves hard work and commitment by everyone, including teachers, parents, the principal, and most importantly, the students. 

    At Wilmington Park, we value and challenge each student and provide opportunities for success. We support and provide all of our students with the necessary tools to become collaborative workers, self-directed learners, information processors, effective communicators, and complex thinkers. Student success is at the center of our work.

    Research and experience shows us that a parent’s/guardian’s involvement in a child’s education is directly related to his/her success in school.  To maximize your child’s success, please emphasize the importance of education by:

    • Ensuring that your child is at school on time each day.
    • Attending parent/teacher conferences and school events.
    • Monitoring your child’s homework daily.
    • Expecting and supporting positive behavior at school.
    • Reading with your child and encourage your child to read daily.

    In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities in which we welcome you to become involved.  Volunteers make a tremendous positive impact and enrich our educational program. Thank you for your continued support and commitment.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (310) 518-7460 or



    Lowell Bernstein






    Healthy Snacks At Wilmington Park Elementary


    Wilmington Park Elementary School values our students’ health and wellness.  In an effort to educate our student about proper nutrition, we will use our teaching garden to show healthy snack options.  We also will enforce no fast food and/or food rewards at this school site.


    All foods need to meet the requirements of the USDA Smart Snacks Program.

    The two exemptions are once a semester to feature multicultural foods.


    All schools and beverages at our afterschool programs must adhere to these guidelines.